As you may know, Virginia's elected representatives have mandated age verification before granting access to our website. While safety and compliance are our top priority, requiring you to provide ID every time you visit an adult-oriented platform may not be the most efficient way to protect our users.

Moreover, the state of Virginia has passed this bill without providing adequate support to legitimate adult websites to establish an appropriate age verification system. They have mandated a digitized government identification service that interacts with a state database, but the state does not have the capability to verify digital IDs online in this way.

We apologize that we must block service in your area because state officials are attacking our industry in this manner, without providing proper support. They are fueling users, including minors, to visit other adult websites that offer illegal content without having age verification systems in place, which ultimately undermines the very purpose of their efforts.

We encourage you to raise this issue with your local government officials and advocate for proper regulations that actually prioritize youth protection rather than fueling it due to their personal political agenda. Until such support is in place, VIPSexVault will not be offering its service in your area. Fight for your rights and for making the internet a safer place for the younger generation.